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Meyer Capel lawyers have a long history of representing the interests of landlords and commercial tenants in Central Illinois in eviction and foreclosure proceedings. Our firm’s experience leads to practical litigation solutions for landlords, if no other agreement can be made. Our attorneys begin the process by setting landlords up with leases that will enable them to maximize their return should a tenant default on lease obligations. Should your tenant default, and you must evict them, Meyer Capel attorneys can help you accomplish your business’ goals.

Commercial tenants have also used the services of Meyer Capel in drafting and negotiating leases. Our attorneys have been drafting and negotiating leases with landlords since the firm began 50 years ago. We have a great deal of experience in helping tenants run their business - not worry about their lease! If a Meyer Capel attorney is on your side, you can rest assured that your rights have been protected by your lease.

Our attorneys can also assist with housing code compliance, mediate between a landlord and tenant, help resolve negligence claims, and aid in other contract and property law disputes. If you lease commercial or residential properties, then Meyer Capel attorneys can help you.

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